1. How do you get your cartoons into your computer?
First, I sketch out the cartoon very loosely on paper. I usually have a good idea in my head of what I want, but if I have to illustrate a clients' idea, it may take awhile before I get the idea across in a composition we both can agree upon. Then I tighten up the sketch and depending upon my mood, I will ink it on the paper or overlay a type of tracing paper called vellum, on the drawing and ink on the vellum. Once the cartoon is inked, it is scanned and cleaned up with Adobe Photoshop. Then I convert it to EPS format with Adobe Illustrator or Streamline and import it back into Photoshop where I color it using a web-safe palette and then export it to Gif89a format.
For a more detailed coloring demonstration, click here.

2. Why are you letting everyone use this great stuff for free?
Well, there's loads of ordinary clipart already out there in the world that people can buy and use, but it's not mine and it's pretty ordinary. I like having people see and use my work. And if they appreciate it, I'm glad to let them use it for free... non-commercially of course.

3. Where do you get your ideas for these 'toons from?
Many come from the alt.binaries.clipart newsgroup that I lurk in. If someone mentions a need for something that I have, I let them know about my site. And if I see a lot of requests for a particular cartoon, I'll work one up when I have the time. Others come from past work that I have done for clients.

Some of the ideas come from very odd places. I was driving behind an old truck with a rusty bumper one day, and one of the rust spots looked to me, very much like a rock singer. The image stuck in my head and this was the result. If I had to draw a rock singer again, I certainly wouldn't put him in this awkward position!

4. Can you draw a ( insert cartoon image here ) for me?
Sadly, the popularity of my websites and the resulting increase in freelance work for me has made drawing cartoons for free a thing of the past. I still have a substantial list of cartoons that people have asked for in the past and I will make every effort to get to them when I am able.

5. Do you have clipart of ( insert cartoon image here )?
If you do not see it listed on my Clipart List or the CD, probably not. I do have a number of cartoons drawn that are being witheld for the time being, so that the clients they were created for can use them on a temporary exclusive basis. Everything else in my collection is available for download from my website or on my CD.

6. Can I use your cartoons on my ( newsletter/ christmas cards/ etc. )?
Yes. As long as it is not in a commercial ( money making ) manner, please feel free to use them. However, I do ask that if there is any convenient way at all for you to do so, please credit me and put my URL on your project so others can find this site too.

7. How long does it take you to draw a cartoon?
Usually a few hours or so depending on how inspired I am or how detailed it is. If I have to research the subject a bit, of course that will add to the time. But many times I deliberately won't research a subject and instead, just go with my impression of how it ought to look. Then I'll usually end up with a more "cartoony" look and feel.

8. How long does it take to learn to draw like this?
I have been drawing ever since I can remember. Much of my ability is probably natural, but there is a lot of practice behind the work you see here.

9. How much do you charge for your work?
Since every project is different with respect to copyright issues, usage, etc., please email me with details of your project and I'll get back to you right away. I think you'll find my prices very reasonable for the quality and customer service you receive.

10. If I commission a cartoon from you, who owns the copyright? What does owning/not owning the copyright mean to me or my business?
Since most of my clients do not require outright ownership of the cartoon that they would like me to draw, I usually give a quote that does not include the transfer of the copyright. What that means to you as a client, is that you may at a later date, see that cartoon available for download by visitors to my website, included in another clipart collection by me or even licensed for resale on a shirt, mousepad, coffe cup, etc. As a courtesy to you and to provide a measure of exclusive use to you, I usually withhold publishing , reselling or relicensing your commissioned cartoon in any fashion for 6 months from the date I send you the finalized cartoon. At any time during that 6 month window, you may also elect to purchase the copyright if you wish. Since I can't guarantee that the copyright will be available after the 6 month timeframe, I encourage you to consider it as soon as practical.

If you're looking for a logo for your business that will be exclusively used by you, then you should purchase the copyright to the image that I create for you. That will mean that the image and the exclusive right to create derivitive works from it, T-shirts, coffee cups, calenders, etc., will belong only to you. Remember though, that because the potential of these derivitative works can be quite lucrative, the purchase price of a cartoon with all rights is quite high.

Because I understand that many small businesses have very tight budgets when starting out and paying a large lump sum of cash to a designer isn't always feasible, a choice of alternate payment options can be made available:

Option 1: A licensing agreement. A yearly, renewable licensing agreement with the payment of a small annual fee will insure that your design remains exclusive to your business without the high cost of obtaining the copyright. As long as the licensing agreement remains in effect, your custom design cannot be made available to anyone else.

Option 2: Monthly payments. Arrangements for regular payments toward the purchase of the copyright can be made. As long as payments are being received, the design will be held in reserve and not be considered for sale, rent, license or release to anyone else for any purpose.

11. I need a custom cartoon. What is the procedure? How long does it take?
Please email me with a general description of what you'd like. I'll get back to you right away with a quote. I require 1/2 of the quoted amount to begin a project and the remainder is due upon completion and delivery.
Then I need you to tell me approximately what you'd like - character, colors, size, whatever you think is relevant and helpful to me to draw what you need. After I receive your check or money order, I will email you a sketch of your request. You are free to make any corrections you like, then email them back to me. I will make a new sketch incorporating your corrections and email the revised sketch back to you. We email back and forth like that until you are happy. Then I'll ink the approved drawing, color it and send it to you for any color corrections you may have. As you can see, the time frame will vary from client to client depending upon the number of corrections needed, but usually takes only a couple of weeks from start to finish.

12. Can I pay for a custom cartoon or logo with a credit card?
I now have an account with PayPal.com and my experience with them has been extremely positive. If you would like to purchase a Wizard of Draws' cartoon, sports logo using a credit card, here is the link to Paypal.com.

13. Do you have a collection of your clipart available on disk?
Yes! Click here for more information.

14. Your prices are outside the limits of my budget for this project. Will you draw a cartoon for me in exchange for exposure and a link?
I'm very sorry, but the demand for my work has forced me to limit my time and efforts to "revenue generating" projects.

15. Do you have a mailing list to notify me when cartoons are added to your website?
For various reasons, among them respect for the privacy of my visitors, time, and spam avoidance, I have elected not to maintain any mailing list. However, I do Twitter every time a new cartoon is posted, so you can receive updates in that way.

16. I would like a cartoon of (Mickey Mouse/Bugs Bunny/Road Runner, etc.) for a tattoo. Will you draw it for me?
I'm sorry but this would be copyright infringement and unethical of me to do.

17. Are the cartoons that I see on your website also included on your clipart CD?
No. For a list of the CD contents, please click here.

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