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A number of people have expressed an interest in seeing what the
Wizard of Draws' studio looks like, so here we present a 360° virtual tour.

An overhead view of the floorplan, somewhat to scale.

Visible above: art books, entryway, a cabinet filled with assorted software manuals and art paraphernalia, desk with dartboard, a wall rug/quilt, plaques from long ago.

Visible above from the entryway: books, pneumatic swivel computer chair, desk with cabinets and assorted momentos and airplane toys, Mac G4 computer running OS X, scanner, printer, clipart CDs in boxes, fire safe, cable modem, window to backyard.

Visible above: Mac G4 computer, zip drive on top of CD burner, scanner, printer, firesafe, CDs & mailers in boxes, file box, paper shredder. The studio is in my basement and it gets fairly chilly in the winter, thus the quilt on the back of the chair. There is a small heater not visible under the desk (and an AC vent above), but I try not to use it very much since it promotes static electricity, the enemy of computer components.

Visible above: drawing table, file cabinet, paperwork, aviation
poster to hang up eventually, wall quilt of one of my cartoons from
client, dreamcatcher from client, drawing table chair, tape dispenser
on left side of table, art caddy attached to right side of table, hat, portfolio behind table. The darker square on the drawing table is a sheet of acetate. It comes in handy for tracing and cleaning up rough sketches occasionally by placing a piece of vellum on top and the rough sketch underneath. However, now I usually ink directly on bristol board, so it really doesn't serve much purpose anymore.

Visible above: drawing table lamp with templates, radio/CD player on cabinet, chair with hats, closet. The closet holds a few old computer components, college books and artwork, in addition to clothes.

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